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Meet Sherrie...

Welcome to Beyond the Fashion, Blog #3!

Early September, I had the incredible opportunity to meet Sherrie at 6th & B!

Imagine this... Sherrie is on a mission to find the perfect outfit to wear to her 50th High School Class Reunion. As we met, Sherrie is holding a pair of white Liverpool Hannah cropped flare jeans with a frayed hemline. I thought to myself, this is going to be SO fun!

"SO fun” proved to be an understatement. As I began to better understand what Sherrie was up to, I asked Alexa to play a Bee Gees tune. I don’t recall which Bee Gees tune Alexa selected to play - but my best guess is it was “More Than a Woman” which is all too fitting for the amazing woman that I have discovered Sherrie to be. 

Back to finding the perfect reunion outfit… The Liverpool jeans proved to be a perfect look and fit but what was the perfect top? Previously, Sherrie had seen a Cino print blouse (Alicante Mix) that caught her eye, but at the time, she had no reason to check it out further. (If you haven’t yet discovered Cino’s colorfully patterned button down shirts, you must get downtown to 6th & B to check one out. They are so unique; the crinkle voile fabric and their bold colors make a strong fashion statement.) Well, as you can see from the photo of Sherrie, she rediscovered the shirt and her Cino selection was full of color and “wow” what a fun attractive pattern on her.



Are you thinking “70’s” yet? Well you should be! This was truly a nostalgic fashion adventure for the two of us. I could totally relate because my 50th class reunion is not too far off and us High School graduates in the 70’s grew up wearing flares (bell bottoms) and fun colored patterns, especially tops with flower power. 

You can imagine the fun we had together as we saw her retro outfit come together. Sherrie’s look was truly confirming her love for the hippie era. I found myself genuinely inspired by her warmth, youthful spirit and stunning expressive style. 

Note that Sherrie added a few accessories from her home wardrobe: the perfect sandals, belt and jewelry. I totally think Sherrie looks fabulous and so put together in her outfit, don’t you?

There is much more to Sherrie’s story that will deeply capture heartfelt emotion. The outfit to be worn to this reunion needed a stronger purpose, one that would provide Sherrie with a deep sense of confidence and reassurance. Could she comfortably attend this class reunion alone having so recently experienced the loss of her beloved husband of nearly 40 years. In those weeks after his rare diagnosis, Gary encouraged Sherrie to go to her reunion and Sherrie respected his advice wholeheartedly. Conversing near the dressing room, we talked about how he would be there with her in spirit and was probably even smiling from up above at the outfit she was choosing to wear.

Well, how did the reunion go? Sherrie shared with me that wearing something new, comfortable and personally expressive was uplifting as well as an anxiety buster. Looking fabulous and feeling confident, she had the most remarkable and memorable time!  With 32 other graduates, Sherrie and her former classmates celebrated 50 years gone by, did a lot of catching up, enjoyed a dinner together along with a reminiscent program and the singing of a school class song.

My favorite picture of Sherrie at her class reunion is this one: three former cheerleaders doing their high kicks together 50 years later. How darling!!! I bet they were awesome cheerleaders and still find themselves intuitively cheering others on.

 Thank you, Sherrie, for sharing your inspirational story with us!

We value you as a special 6th & B friend and customer and someone we can all learn from as life challenges and personal losses come our way. Stay amazing!


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