Meet LeEtta... A 6&B "shopping queen" with heartfelt advice.

Meet LeEtta...

Welcome to Beyond the Fashion, Blog #4!

It was the Saturday of MEA weekend (October 22nd to be exact) and 6&B was blessed with oodles of upbeat energetic shoppers participating in Alexandria’s 1st ever Downtown Boutique Crawl. Among those determined shoppers was a polite lady from Salem, South Dakota who gently requested my assistance to look more closely at a displayed scarf. I found her charming from the get-go and now totally understand why I was so captivated.

LeEtta’s taste in fashion is exquisite and her personality heartwarming. Isn’t she absolutely striking in her classy Kinross cashmere scarf and matching gloves!!! Accessorizing with the right colors and print can surely create that perfect look! 

While visiting with her as she contemplated whether to purchase this scarf and gloves, my intuition coaxed me to get to know more about LeEtta! 

After her purchase, we continued to chat. It was then that she shared with me the cutest tidbit of info: “I was actually born a shopper because my mother went into labor with me while shopping with a friend for gal fun.” I’ve since learned that her mom needed to quickly and resourcefully take a taxi to the hospital in Sioux City, Iowa and thus a “shopping queen” was born.

Her name is a gifted treasure. With a nurse’s suggestion, a five day hospital stay, and as the fifth of eight children, her meaningful name was given; a creative and beautiful combination of her father, Lee, and her mother, Etta. Add on a gem of a middle name: Agnes, after her dear grandmother.

By origin and more, LeEtta is truly my example of a “shopping queen”. Let me explain…

Her mother taught her how to sew and with perfected skills, LeEtta created many of her unique career outfits worn over 33 years of teaching vocal and instrumental music to K-12 learners. Over time, she developed a unique perception and attention to the finishing touches of clothing. 

LeEtta’s wardrobe and shopping advice will surely make you smile and even chuckle a bit, as it goes against today’s principles of putting together an efficient minimized wardrobe. “Shopping is all about the looking. It’s about what you want, not necessarily what you need. Ask yourself - does it look good, fit good and is it functional? Don’t rid your clothing closet of its many items, hang onto your favorites. Let your closet be a place to shop and design new outfits.”

Just how has LeEtta’s passion for shopping influenced her husband, Ron? LeEtta fondly gives Ron a “thumbs up” as a patient shopping partner. With 57 years together, it’s no surprise that Ron has acquired his own appreciation for fashion. I bet their two daughters and three granddaughters complete the perfect loving entourage for our “shopping queen”.

On a more serious note, with life comes challenges and opportunities to gain deeper insight. LeEtta encouraged me to share her life changing experience with breast cancer. Having been diagnosed with this type of cancer 30 years ago, she expressed that back then not much conversation was comfortably initiated over such a private female topic. LeEtta wants all of us to know that when faced with health complications and diagnoses, be more aware of your options and needs. Make the tough decisions based on what is right for you. In her situation, a self breast exam played a key role in her breast cancer detection and survival.

LeEtta also mentioned that as a result of her health scare, she has found herself more patient, not fretting the little things and embracing life’s pleasures such as a 6&B shopping spree with her four beautiful, fun-loving and caring nieces. I managed to get a photo on that busy Saturday to give you a glimpse of how our “shopping queen” is enjoying life in style and carrying on her mother’s love for shopping.

When we initiated our blog “Beyond the Fashion” we had hopeful expectations to passionately express much more than fashion and be a positive influence in the lives of others. It is customers and new friends like LeEtta who inspire us and help us to sincerely fulfill our intention.

Thank you, LeEtta, for sharing your story and for being so amazing!
We hope to see you again at 6&B in 2023, along with your nieces!

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