Career Inspiration... Meet Michelle

Career Inspiration... Meet Michelle

The 6&B team proudly highlights Michelle Bredeson, Owner/Marketing & Retail Director of Bold North Cellars in Alexandria, home of Carlos Creek Winery and 22 Northmen Brewing Co. and more (Grape Stomp, The Grand Hall, Stoke & Sizzle).

Meet Michelle, who truly inspires other women for Michelle is a genuine example of the word “unstoppable”. She sets high standards, embraces her strengths and passions to engage herself in career opportunities that lead her to bright and positive outcomes.

Michelle is fortunate to work beside her husband, Tyler, as co-owners of Bold North Cellars. Both are graduates of the University of North Dakota (UND) sharing the same goals and same drive, along with nurturing their young adorable son, Jack.

Grounded with an academic focus on marketing from her DECA high school years and a UND business degree in Marketing, Michelle realizes her passionate drive stems from her pleasure and skill in pairing good food and good beverages in an inviting social atmosphere. Her fun starts with discovering new ingredients, flavor combinations and the role wine and beer can play in a meal. 

Her initial responsibilities at Carlos Creek Winery in 2009 involved developing the wedding/event side of the business and coordinating over 400 weddings. Her next steps and rewarding career path at Bold North Cellars confirm her belief that many great achievements come from many little steps. 


Fast forward and today you will find Michelle as co-owner meeting daily with their management team, big picture planning and coordinating, problem solving, record keeping, marketing and ad creation, revenue analysis, motivating her team, retail ordering and much more.  It’s her creativity, organizational skills, forward thinking, perception on purchasing, ability to negotiate, manage and lead that keep her ambitious and excelling.

Michelle graciously reflects on how the influence of others has helped her achieve her dreams. It’s the support of family, friends and mentors and the cooking and role modeling of all the matriarchs in her family, especially her mom, Jan, who have inspired her the most. Growing up, Michelle saw firsthand how her mom proudly embraced her work outside the home while providing a nourishing and nurturing home life. On being a career Mom, Michelle emphasizes that it is all about balance and being mindfully present in your current situation to enjoy your blessed and diverse life.

Michelle has some heartfelt advice for all of us… “Be bold. Try new things. Don’t let failure stop you from even trying. Don’t feel like your small dreams are not worth attention. At the end of the day, decide what success looks like to you, not what other people tell you it should look like, and then keep life in balance. Set boundaries for yourself and others that help keep that balance in-line for you and your relationships. Above all, do what brings you passion and fulfillment.” 

Michelle feels most fulfilled when hearing stories from employees and customers about their memorable experiences at Bold North Cellars. 

We at 6&B had the honor and pleasure of styling Michelle in Liverpool outfits that define her as the “unstoppable” career woman she has become. With Shania Twain’s 1997 hit “Man I Feel Like a Woman” as background music, together we created career looks for Michelle. 

From fashion ideas to owning her style, enjoy these images of Michelle in her “dress for success” Liverpool attire. She exemplifies what we at 6&B mean by “style as beautiful as you” !

“Which career look of Michelle’s is your favorite?” 

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket, Blouse, Pants, Bag


SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket, Blouse, Pants 

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket, Top, Jeans 

SHOP THE LOOK: Jacket, Top, Jeans

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