My favorite go-to Liverpool jean jacket

What's your favorite wardrobe GO-TO?

Welcome to Blog #2 of Beyond the Fashion...

I encourage you to do some fun fashion reflecting!

Do you have a favorite GO-TO piece of clothing?

My first purchase as a 6th & B team member was a Liverpool jean jacket. Little did I know at the time (just over a year ago) that I had selected the most fun, stylish and versatile item to add to my wardrobe. The best way to describe my choice can be expressed through my 6 year old grandson’s words, “that’s genius, Grandma.” 

Some decisions take time to be confirmed but I knew instantly that this jacket would be a favorite and a forever treasured piece of clothing. But little did I know, it would be a head turner and a piece that encouraged conversation.

Let me explain…

I was at the Alexandria Library today eager to pick up a novel that my sister recommended: (The Giver of Stars, authored by Jojo Moyes, have you read it?)

While scanning and navigating my own book check-out, a thoughtful friendly lady made a point to share with me that she thought my jacket was so cute. I instinctively said, “Thank you, do you want to know where I got it?” She guessed 6th & Broadway Clothing and Decor downtown before I needed to inform her. I was eager to share that I work there because we truly have the greatest fashions and a dedicated boutique team that loves to help you dress to reflect the best version of yourself.

This simple but so pleasurable random experience at the library today really warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. Kind gestures from others are always day brighteners! This isn’t the first time my favorite Liverpool jacket has encouraged conversation and a compliment. I feel its magic and love the reassurance and confidence it creates for me. I feel fashion forward and up-beat whenever I wear it. It’s kind of ironic though because the jacket has a distressed look.

As I drove home, I thought, just maybe YOU as a reader of our new blog would appreciate reflecting on those clothing items that give you an extra lift to your step. 

With a picture typically being worth a thousand words, I knew I needed to get a timely photo of myself in my jacket. Thanks to my young co-worker, I’ve become more self sufficient and managed to take a couple timed photos from my iPhone (Thank you, Maya!).

Here is my jean jacket adding the right touch to a simple casual black knit dress:


Now it’s your turn to share a bit about your favorite GO-TO piece of clothing! 
Don’t forget to include a photo or two to help express your style. 
Looking forward to hearing from many of you!
Please send me what you would enjoy sharing to my boutique email: 
Until we converse again...
Take care,
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Thank you, Terry and Betty!
Hope to see you two this summer…


Loved seeing you modeling. You are adorable! Will check out the book. Thanks.

Terry and Betty Lackas

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