Beyond the Fashion... Meet Aly (Click Here to Read)

Beyond the Fashion... Meet Aly (Click Here to Read)


Welcome to our 6th & B blog entitled “Beyond the Fashion”...

Isn’t the creativity behind fashion simply fascinating and uplifting!

At 6th & B, we find the styles you choose to express yourself to be continuously captivating, and what we find ever so heartwarming are the stories beyond your purchases. 

Blog #1

Here is our first 6th & B story that takes you beyond the fashion.

I hope it clearly expresses what our boutique team feels when one of our customers shares with us a bit about their insight and anticipated life adventures… including info on just where and how they plan to wear their newly selected clothing piece or outfit.

Meet Aly…

How fortunate I was to meet Aly and her mom this past June, just before Aly was heading off to begin her first year of medical school.   I thought, how exciting for Aly to be on this new and challenging life adventure. It was easy to feel her mom’s pride and Aly’s excitement. As a former health science educator, I genuinely understood Aly’s overwhelming anticipation and her reflective thoughts of how her childhood dream was actually coming true.

When I discovered that Aly was considering a stunning classic print Liverpool blazer, I realized she knew what she was doing and that she knows how to express herself. The look she was going for was a bit professional but still on-trend enough to wear for various occasions. Let these photos show you exactly what I mean as Aly transitions her look from casual to professional.

 Aly shared some meaningful insight with me… Ever since Aly was young her motto has always been: look good, feel good, do good and that she feels putting her best foot forward in terms of her fashion game always makes her feel more confident. Feeling confident sets her up to do her best work and in this phase of her life this will make her more equipped to help others.

Upon her back-to-school shopping for what she calls the 17th grade, she chose this Liverpool blazer for a multitude of reasons: “First of all, it’s adorable. You can never go wrong with a good blazer. They're both on-trend and timeless, and everyone knows you mean business in a blazer. I love the sophisticated look of neutral/tonal black (or navy) and white colors. It sure makes for a sleek professional look. The cut and fabric are fabulous. Even though it is a relaxed/boyfriend cut it gives me a very nice feminine shape without being constricting. When I say this fabric is like butter, I am NOT exaggerating. I can touch my elbows together in front of me, it moves with me! I’m fully confident in bending, twisting and stooping in it without feeling too confined. Hopefully, I’ll never need to, but if I had to jump in and do chest compressions, I know the blazer can even handle that!”

Aly likes to mix textures with color blocking and dresses in thirds to taper in her waist. Note in Aly’s school photos, she mixes the blazer’s texture with a silk blouse and leather high waisted pants. Feeling extra fashion-forward for a night on the town, she rolls up the sleeves and takes it for a spin with some jeans and a simple tank which she feels really elevates her look from day to night. Add in her cute sunnies and purse and Aly’s look is beyond put together.

Isn’t Aly absolutely adorable? The Aly I have come to know is so much more than a medical student fashionista. Today she is experiencing the hardest thing she has ever done in her entire life. Her mind is operating at full force which can be taxing, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. Her young dreams are transpiring and as she transitions into her new lifestyle, she is proud to be setting an example for younger generations. Simply embrace life, work diligently to achieve your goals and most importantly, believe in yourself! 

Obviously, Aly and I have kept in touch since her visit to 6th & B. We’ve come to consider our meeting that Sunday afternoon in June to be a “God wink”.

In closing, let me share one of Aly’s most enduring comments: “My Liverpool blazer is my second favorite coat, the first being my short white coat which will eventually (hopefully) be replaced by my long coat."

Aly, all of us at 6th & B wish you the very best as you pursue your dreams in style as beautiful as you!

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I agree, Aly is a very special young lady and I find her very inspiring and I’m not even her Grammy! My hunch is that you are also amazing!
Thank you for sharing and being our first-ever blog commenter :]

Deb Sidd

What a “beautiful” blog!!
Very nicely done. I was very surprised when I read it. Aly is a very special young lady. She is extremely precious to me because I’m her Grammy. We are all so PROUD of her and looking forward to seeing her get her long white coat.
Marilyn Kraning

Marilyn J Kraning

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